Re: Choosing a Mill Creek

Posted by Gober on Feb 8, 2006

HECK I throw another biased Texanís opinion in. I am biased because my two boats are MC13's. I drove the little boogers from Fort Worth all the way to the Florida Keys for their maiden voyage in October 05. The boats handed great in the semi-protected waters around the keys. We fished in the kayaks for hours, one afternoon we caught 30 fish. My dad and brother had never been in a kayak before and were amazed by there stability, no one took an unintentional dunk. How fast are they? Well I took my GPS out and was able to go about 5 mph. I know thatís not very fast for sea kayak but I was happy with it. Since the trip the cold weather, full time employment, full time college, a two year old and a pregnant wife my kayaking time has been limited. I have gone out two additional times to the lake. Itís a shame too, most of the lakes in the DFW area are so low the motor boats canít put in, so the lakes are wide open. I think the boat is a great choice for streams and lakes. Another thing to think about is the size of your work area, and storage area. That 13 foot boat seemed awful long in my 2 car garage.

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