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Posted by Ryan on Feb 8, 2006

Thanks for all your responses. For those of you (Andrew and Ken) with knowledge of this area I work in Springfield and live west of Republic. Andrew where do you like to paddle and what boat(s) do you have? I have only been down here for 2 years mostly go to Bennett Springs to fish and float the Niangua. Been on the James once would like to go farther. I heard there was some good small mouth the farther south you go. As stated before, I would also like to branch to some of the lakes down here. Always looking for a reason to go. My wife is expecting in June so I may need an new paddling partner.

As for the topic I started, I have considered the Chesapeake. I would probably go with the 17’ because I am 6’ 210lbs. According to CLC the 16’ would be too small for my weight. I like this boat because it is one that I would not out grow or get tired of as I may with a Mill Creek. My problem is that I have no experience with these larger expedition boats. How do they handle how easy are they to turn and manipulate? As most of you know we don’t have any bays or oceans in Missouri. Just rivers and some lakes that compared to large bays are not that big. I will continue to use my plastic boats on the rivers, but many times I have friends come to visit and need an extra boat. I would rather have a Chesapeake over a Mill Creek if it could fit this function. I have no problem using my 17’ canoe on these rivers with two paddlers, but there are a few places that may be tricky if I were to solo. I realize this is apples and oranges, but like I said I have never been in a sea kayak before.


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