Re: Choosing a Mill Creek

Posted by LeeG on Feb 8, 2006

The MC13 is a good choice, you'll be getting exactly what you say you want,,maneuverability, fishing, more efficiency/speed than the Swiftys.

The MC15 is anomalous in that it's a tippy, stiff tracking rec boat. A better rendition for someone who wants a high volume stable quasi rec/tour kayak would be the discontinued West River 164 with a larger cockpit. A Ch18 or WR164 feels more stable than the MC15 in that the secondary stability is more predictable, with the MC15 things fall off pretty quickly .

If you're going from plans a WR164 with a 18"x36 cockpit would be more work than the MC13 but would be neat, otherwise the MC13 is closer to the stated criteria.

In Response to: Choosing a Mill Creek by Ryan on Feb 7, 2006



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