Re: Choosing a Mill Creek

Posted by Ken Leffert on Feb 7, 2006

Which part of the Ozarks? That's my home.... graduated high school in Camdenton many years ago, later on my family settled in Springfield. I still have family in Springfield and up around Columbia. I was in a kayak for the first time on Lake Springfield, a 10' Walden Naturalist (I was actually in it for 1/2 a second or so, then I was under it.... my tried and true method for boarding v-bottom fishing boats just didn't work too good for kayaks 8-).

Anyway, just want to say that you are on the right track about boat size. I still get back home on rare occasion, I'm up in the Chesapeake Bay area now, and I've been wanting to take my 17LT to Mo. with me, probably do that this spring or summer. Might be able to meet up and do some paddling! Oh, one more thing, I don't know anything about Mill Creeks, but I feel it is a safe bet to say that a MC13 would not be "too much like the boat" you already have. Wood/glass composite boats just have a lightness, a solid feedback, a "feel" that plastic boats lack. No...... apples and oranges. Happy building!

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