Re: Choosing a Mill Creek

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Feb 7, 2006

Heya, Ryan... James makes some great points that are really worth considering. But, and there's always a 'but'...

You post really took me back to my first year in kayaking, thanks for the memories! Somehow, I can't help but feel that you might get very happy in a Mill Creek 13. I don't know anything about the MC15, never seen one, nor heard hardly anything said about it one way or the other. The poor thing just never developed much of a following...

But you hear people rave about the MC13 and 16, and I'm one of them. The 13 a lovely little boat, has a great blend of tracking and maneuverability, is surprisingly fast and efficient, and will take care of you even when you get into more than you meant to get into ( go ahead, ask me how I know).

There's a downside to it, of course, but only one. It doesn't handle windy, choppy waters, such as open bays, comfortably due to its flat bottom and wide beam. It handles safely, dryly, and efficiently, just not comfortably. A steady diet of rolling around on Galveston Bay in my MC13 prompted me to search out a boat with some shape to its bottom as my next project (and therein lies a hint, heheheh).

The MC13 is significantly more boat than the Swifty, I know from experience (see my web pages). But a Chessy 16LT may be more yet, tough to say where and how far you want to go with all this. I'm into sea kayaks these days, but have nothing but fond feelings for my trusty old MC13. Feel free to grill me mercilessly if you want to know more.

Cheers, Kurt

Pair O' Mill Creek 13s Project

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