Choosing a Mill Creek

Posted by Ryan on Feb 7, 2006

I am looking at building a kayak and I want some advice on which one to build. I live in the Missouri Ozarks and will be using the kayak in small rivers or streams and also in the lakes. I currently own two Perception Swiftys. These are 9’6’’ plastic rec. boats, which are pretty wide with a large cockpit. They work great on the small rivers. In my new boat I am looking for something that is a little faster and longer. I would like to take it out on some of the bigger lakes fishing and think that a bigger boat would do better and also paddle more efficiently. However, I don’t want a 20’ sea kayak that I can’t still use on the river. I also like the large cockpit of my Swifty. For this reason I have been thinking of the Mill Creek. I am trying to decide between the 13’ or the 15’. I see that a lot of posts on the 13’ and not many the 15’. Is the 15' not popular for some reason? I am thinking that the 13’ will be too much like the boat I already have. I have checked and nobody in my area is listed on the site as having either one, and CLC doesn’t come anywhere close to my area with a show so I am depending on some of you who have paddled one or both for some input. Also if someone knows of a diffrent kayak that may fit my needs I am open to suggestions.

Thanks, Ryan



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