Re: SH17 foot brace insta

Posted by LeeG on Feb 7, 2006

Regular rails that butt up against the bulkhead won't go anywhere. You don't have to use a wood strip, use 1/4" t-nuts or the studs CLC sells. If you want to reduce weight cut the yakima rails in half and have the same amount of adjustment that one paddler would use anyway,,about three-four stops. The whole issue of footbraces being connected well is a non-issue. Most of the time beginners pop plastic Keepers footbraces off is poor technique/posture/outfitting resulting in excessive back/foot pressure.

There's some reference in earlier CLC footbrace installation and ChrisK kayak construction that mentions the risk of footbraces ripping out or the need for full length of 3" 9oz tape to secure them in. That warning is appropriate to unglassed Yares but not 4mm that is glassed on both sides.

In Response to: SH17 foot brace install by Ryan Sharrow on Feb 7, 2006



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