Re: Spraying Varnish

Posted by Kyle T on Feb 7, 2006

I have applied varnish both ways. And I've also applied polyurethane to one of my boats.

I like the finished results I get from spraying but I'm not sure it's worth all the trouble. It's really only noticeable when on display and the perfectly smooth surface really makes you focus on that first rub mark you get on your first paddle trip. I paddle my kayaks so not having a few brush marks goes unnoticed except for the initial launching ceremony. I probably will not bother with the spraying in the future because correct application with a foam brush still looks great.

One thing I recommend if you plan to spray is to apply three or four coats with a brush first and wet sand them. This will insure that there is plenty of UV inhibitor on your deck before you do a finish coat with the sprayer.


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