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Posted by Mac on Feb 7, 2006


I'm 6'00" tall, and weigh 240 lbs. I've built two hard chined kayaks with internally mounted footbraces (not the full length, just 3" pads where the bolts are located).

Nary a creak. 'Course I don't surf them, but they've been heavily leaned and rolls attempted (the ultimate stress is a novice TRYING to roll).

The only down side is a slight loss of foot room (about 1/2" in total) across the width. Now, I have size 12 feet and quite long legs.

IMHO, if you epoxy and glass these pads in properly, they're stronger than simple through the hull installations. And think - a busted pad to hull connection is better than ripping a hole in the side panel of your hull.

Probably difficult to generate enough force to do either.

Happy Paddlin'!


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