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Posted by Laszlo on Feb 6, 2006

I used recessed fittings a la Maurer, except that instead of a chisel I used the CLC bonsai knife to open the holes into slits (less force, less bounce and more control).

I also made the loops doubled (they look like a figure 8 when seen end-on) and just slipped a dowel through the underdeck loop to hold them in place. This makes the whole thing easily removeable (if you have arms as long as an orangutang's) without having to untie the deck rigging.

I wasn't so worried about getting snagged (Lee has some good points). Rather, I was trying to build a boat using no metal anywhere and this eliminated another set of screws and washers.

As far as extra trouble goes, I didn't find it that much effort except for reaching in through the cockpit to install the farthest away dowels.

My wife used the boat all last summer and fall and the rigging worked well for her (stayed in place, slits didn't leak).

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Kurt's recessed fittings

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