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Posted by LeeG on Feb 5, 2006

I see a lot of folks go to trouble to make them but honestly one #10x24tpi screw with locknut and fender washer is easy enough allowing for mistakes to be covered up or changes down the line. If you really want a recessed fitting you can install one later on over the 1/8" hole.

Some folks use a hole right in the deck for foredeck bungies, no hardware at all. Just make sure to round out the hole and seal it well. I'm not a fan of it because it eventually wears there or a sharp paddle blade cuts there when you jam a blade under the bungie which is less likely to happen with a loob of webbing holding it.

The thing about getting caught on deck rigging is real but a lot of production design is purely the whim of the designer/marketing and not use derived. For example some Perception Sea kayaks with rudders had rudder deployment line cable clips mounted HIGH on the RECESSED fittings on the right side of the aft deck. Kind of negates the reason for recessed fittings. Of all the kinds of black plastic cable clamps/guides they could have used they used the one where the edges where tapered to a sharp cheese grater like scoop. There are other plastic cable clamps with thicker/rounded edges but these are exactly the opposite and guranteed to slice out an 1/8" chunk of water logged hands if you weren't careful. And they kept shipping them out that way for years.

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