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Posted by Kurt Maurer on Feb 5, 2006

Thank you, Kerry. But what the heck, I'll tap out a few sentences here on the subject. Might inspire someone, who knows?

The Cormorant was built back when I was still of a "recreational kayak" mindset... easy in, easy out, and who needs a spray skirt? But the Cormy's hull is decidely of a hot sea yak temperment, and it rather forced me into paddling in a more serious - and seriously FUN - way. I'll always love the Cormorant for that... sometimes it pays to bite off a little more than you can chew!

So the recreational kayak cockpit was swapped out for a tighter, lower, sea kayak cockpit better suited to rolling, bracing, skirt fit, etc. And lemme tell you, the boat is improved 100% by it.

I also replaced the aft bulkhead. I did this for two reasons: first, to create a little stowage room being the seat; and second, I have come to prefer a sloping bulkhead (top forward) for three reasons: First, see reason number one above; second, to make the suspended backband easier to rig, up at the top; and third, to facilitate draining the cockpit when flipping the boat upside down on or off the water.

In short, while I continued to love the Cormorant's performance, I got to where I could barely stand its gaping, high-riding cockpit... and therefore the kayak sat around collecting dust 99% of the time. Now it is a front-runner choice for the day once again. Cool! Mighty nice to "have it back."

Cheers, Kurt

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