Re: recessed deck fitting

Posted by LeeG on Feb 5, 2006

my $.02 is that above deck rigging attachment points make the perimeter lines and bungies more accessible. Recessed fittings with tight lines make for a harder to grab line. Look at a P&H kayak deck or some other modern decks with tight perimeter lines where your hands will get held tightly by a short section of line.

Things that get caught during rescues are pumps and paddle floats stuck on the aft deck. Rigging bungies situated too close to the coaming. Rudders. Paddle tethers.

If you want to determine what impedes rescues run your bare hand all over the kayak and see what sticks. Exposed electrical cable clamps used to guide rudder deployment lines can be very sharp depending on the brand. Those are the black plastic loops that hold bundles of wires with a hole on one side to screw it down.

On some boats a perimeter line that follows near the sheer helps to deflect blade strikes.

Hit the bow of your kayak with your hand and decide if the point is too sharp.

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