Re: Flush Hatches

Posted by Tony Robb on Dec 13, 2005

Actually cold is something I don't have to worry about. When I started my kayak in July I had to endure temps of around 5C (around 40F if my conversion is correct, after several weeks holiday in Samoa it became too easy to wait for the warmer nights before starting back into the project. Again my inexperience shows as now we are into the beginning of summer and temps are hitting 32C in our garage (95+ F) and the pot life/working time on my epoxy is very short, plus it's damned uncomfortable having to cover up fully to protect myself against the epoxy. I'm hooked on this kayak building lark and planning a third boat already (my girlfriends is number 2), but I'll definitely build it over winter!!

I've been contemplating using the oval wooden 'biscuits' that are used in cabinetmaking to edge join planks of timber. They are perfectly uniform in shape and size and just need a bit of a sand - what do you think?

Cheers Tony

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