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Posted by Dennis Pitz on Dec 7, 2005


A couple of thoughts: I carry my CLC17LT on a trailer with a similar setup, except I carry another boat too so there are two kayaks side to side. After a good many miles last summer through all kinds of roads (some dirt two tracks) I found that I had to install mudflaps on the trailer to prevent all kinds of muck getting slopped onto the boat and working it's way under the rear cradle where it raised hob with the finish.

Another poster has already suggested the closed cell foam for padding under the boat, but I found it to be just as important around the straps - they too scratch up the finish.

Lastly, I have found the best padding on the cradles to be rubber weather stripping made for sealing doors (not the kind you use for the hatches on your boat). The kind I found you can get from McMaster Carr. It looks like an "O" from the end with a flat base. It's stick on and works like a champ.

Hope that helps.


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