sure, make them

Posted by LeeG on Dec 4, 2005

using yakima solid footbraces mounted an 1" lower to provide enough clearance for a hinged toeplate attached to the top of the yakima footbrace.

Make sure the toeplate in sprung/bungied so that it's pulling hard forward. Tieing a short bungie from the top of the toe plate to the back portion of the footbrace works.

Use an adjustable line from the toe plate to the rudder cable. Many possibilities there but the one that screams KISS,,(keep it simple Sam) is 1/8" hollow vectran line attached with a constrictor splice at a ss. eyelet to the toe plate. A constrictor splice with the stiff Vectran line is like a chinese finger toy,,you hold it and pull/push to adjust the size of the loop,,and thereby adjust the rudder.

It's stronger and cheaper than the Sealine setup.

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