Re: Info on epoxy

Posted by Moe on Dec 2, 2005

after a crisis or two while building my CH18 i desided that spring clamps hadent got what it takes to hold somthing like the coaming in place. in my ekspirence both building the CH18 and on other not yak projekts the C clamps are the only thing which realy provide god preasure. a tip if you dislike the US style C-clamp (the kind they've got here) use this kind they cost more but are better.

on epoxy if you're using rolers use foam rolers not the other kind. and use a brush or neopren cell not ordenary foam like clc say. the epoxy starts going hard inside the foam and heats up the thing realy hot. also my pieces of foam had a tendency to leav smal bits of foam in the epoxy

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