Epoxy budget?

Posted by Peter Eipers on Dec 1, 2005

A question for anyone who has completed a Passagemaker dinghy: (Are there any, besides CLC folks? I don't know how "new" the kit is.) How tight is the epoxy budget for the boat? I was just wondering how careful I have to be with what was included in the kit. I tend to mix slightly less than what the manual calls for, yet often have a little left over. Just wondering how close I am cutting it for when I near the end. Has anyone completed the boat and had a lot left over? Ran short?

I'm still fairly early in the building. Still coating parts before starting to stitch. When the kit shipped, one of the two gallon jugs of epoxy arrived a little crunched, and maybe an ounce or two leaked out. But I don't think this is enough to worry about.

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