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Posted by Moe on Dec 1, 2005

magnets will hace to be re charged or am i wrong. there is some where in this forum a big topic discussing wattertightness. and as far a i recall making the aft hatch watter tigh with flush systems proved hard. they have not got a nought preasure to keep the seal. personally i went for the system shown in the booklet. however i found it nesasary to change strapp systems. i think when it comes down to it i would still choose this system. it gives a lot of preasure. had to change straps beacuse the pull was so great they got torn.

one of my first trips was a 2 hour trip in the oslo fjord to test my yaks capebileties. turned out there was a glip in my seal and mu aft hatch started taking in watter when the wind raised the waves.

now if this had been a open sea venture things might have gone rather bad. go with what ever provides most preasure on the htch seal. this as far as i know means strapps. however you can't you'se ordinary strap clips. not sure what the ones i used are called but if you go to a lokal hard ware store or prefferabaly a strap dealer and tell them what you're gonna use the straps for theyl likely come up with a way to provide the power you'll be neading. straps are also easy to opperate with cold hands or mittens.

the moral of this rather long tekst is. watter tightness is hard to achive go for strapps they may not be as nice but at the end of the day you're still aflot.

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