Re: Flush Hatches

Posted by Howard on Dec 1, 2005

if a magnetic force (field) is being generated, it will impact a compass. how the magnetic force is generated is not important. (so yes, i am saying you are wrong in your belief)

the issue will really be the strength of the field being generated by the rare earth magnets and how close it is to the compass. if they are close enough to change the swing of the compass vs when they are not there, then basically they are rendering your compass useless.

on the approach for securing the hatch, i am partial to mechanical fastenings, internal bungees, tabs or straps...whatever looks best for the particular design

but for me, i tend to want my hatches to be secured in a fail-safe fashion. if i could pull the hatch off by hand without breaking the hatch or the boat, then i would not personally consider the attachment strong enough for my risk appetite.

magnetically attached hatches will not typically pass this test.

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