Flush Hatches

Posted by Tony Robb on Nov 30, 2005

Hi there

Have just completed the coaming on my 18LT and thinking about hatches. Orginally I planned to use the standard design as outlined in the construction manual, but now I think I would prefer to go flush instead.

I really like the idea of using rare earth magnets but they are very expensive to buy in New Zealand and while cheap to buy off the internet from overseas, they are shipped via sea rather than air so will take months to arrive. Also, I know they can intefere with compasses, what about GPS/fishfinders? Moby latches also look good if a little more complex to make. Internal bungees are another obvious solution, but they look like they might limit storage capacity.

Is there a preference out there between these systems??? If anyone can set me on the right path I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance.




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