Posted by Ice on Nov 30, 2005

I have used many different GPS units (all Garmin). Their service is what keeps me coming back to them. In my experience, out of any company, not just tied to the marine trade, their service is the best. I don't need nor use mapping in a kayak since I'm never more than a couple miles from shore. If needed, I can always switch the screen of the Forerunner to go back to my starting point, but I haven't had to do that.

I use the Garmin Forerunner for kayaking. I have the screen generally set for Speed, Time and Distance. That is all I need. The unit is very small and sealed. No battery compartment. It uses rechargable a Lith. battery that is charged in a docking port. I cover the terminals with a little piece of electrical tape to prevent salt corrosion when in use. The battery has a 14 hour life per charge and when the unit is on it shows the number of hours left on the battery before it has to be recharged. My Forerunner has been underwater a lot. Only complaint is the unit has failed (buttons) after 2 years but at about $100 it is no big deal. If you just want to use the GPS as a toy, the mapping units are great. I also have the Garmin Blue Charts on the computer so if I'm going to be in a strange or new area, I can take a look before going.

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