Posted by Marty Sullivan on Nov 29, 2005

My 2 cents: I've used a Garmin GPSMap 76 for a couple of years, as a replacement for my aging GPSIII. It has worked well for me through hard use, mounted in a Garmin mount exposed on my kayak deck.

It has been repeatedly dunked and swamped with salt and fresh water with no ill effects. I lightly coated the battery cover, antenna plug, and PC interface plug with marine dielectric grease, counter to Garmin's instructions. I try to never change batteries while on the water. I never put it into any kind of bag because the condensation will cause it to fail.

I use the Garmin Bluechart software with nautical charts for my area loaded into the unit. I highly recommend the charts for coastal navigation.

I have seen the GPSMap 76C, color, and the screen visibility is excellent even in direct sun. It seems to be the same quality construction. If $$$$ were no object, I'd get it.

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