Re: Fixing sanding mistak

Posted by Karl on Nov 28, 2005

Bottom line; if you can't see it once the deck is on, and you can cover seal it with epoxy/glass etc. Don't worry about it! We call 'em "character marks" and most of us have a few that only we we know about!

They become a bigger deal when they are on exposed surfaces like decks. I wholeheartedly endorse the concept of turning a mistake into a feature. I oversanded the scarf joint on the deck of my Chesapeake 18, so I did an sunset onlay made with veneer right over it. It has now become a defining characteristic of my boat that sets it apart.

I sometimes think that there may be more new concepts generated with the words "Aw sh--" that "ureka".

In Response to: Fixing sanding mistakes by Gerry Falco on Nov 27, 2005



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