Re: Rudder Installation

Posted by Dick Ryon on Nov 28, 2005

Be sure to install the rudder in a sufficiently thick part of the stern. Otherwise, you are inviting the pivot pin to break through the side of the boat the first time the rudder is knocked when you fail to raise it when landing or if the boat lands upside down in the surf.

If the stern is too narrow, cut it off until the pivot pin is mounted where stern is about 1.5 inches wide. (You may have to do a new end pour if you shorten the boat.) I maybe went overboard and used a piece of stainless steel tubing that went from deck to keel for the pivot to turn in. Guaranteed: the rudder will be severely damaged before any damage is done to the kayak!

If the stern is too narrow and you do not want to do any extra work, I suggest that you do not mount a rudder at all.

In Response to: Rudder Installation Help by Robert C. Timmons on Nov 22, 2005


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