Re: Deck Rigging Screw Ho

Posted by terry on Nov 28, 2005

I've adopted something akin to Lee's machine screw approach for deck rigging in my last few boats. Instead of backing up the machine screw/locknut with 9 oz. tape, I use a stainless fender washer. My local True Value hardware store has these washers in a variety of sizes.

This approach may be more or less strong than wood screws in the shear clamp, or machine screws backed with glass tape, but it's faster and easier to do, which accomodates my pathological laziness quite nicely, and, as Lee mentioned, moves the rigging anchors inboard to minimize scrapping knuckles on them.

But hey, these are homemade boats which, by definition, are somewhat artistic. Attach that rigging anyway that works for you. Duct tape, anyone? Crazy Glue? Arc welding?


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