Re: Fixing sanding mistak

Posted by Moe on Nov 28, 2005

One of the guys i was building with when cunstructing my Cl 18 made the mistake of sanding away half of the aft 4-5mm i was at the weary end where the two sheets of ply are pressed against eachother. the method one uses to fix such mistakes is the same as the one used for fag burns. cut a pice of ply wich fits the depression as closly as possible the important thing is to get the surfaces level if you do it good then smoth out the diffrences with epoxy it'll be almost invisable. if you're realy picky you can cut a piece of finner to fit the on topp of the ply this will realy make the depression almost invisable.(finner-weary thin wood used for covering furniture if you can't aford to use whole wood. finner is not the english name) if the hole is realy shalow 1mm- it is possible two just use epoxy with a piece of finner on top.

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