Re: GPS, swim support.

Posted by EdBru, NY on Nov 27, 2005

Hi guys. I got a cheep garmin and although it worked well I pretty soon decided I wanted to be able to up and download from my GPs and bought a better one. Just under 300 with topo mapping software. I find the maps a bit off sometimes but It will let you find a small island in the fog. (not that I've been fogbound yet). With topo maping I can also get a profile of any route i have taken or plan to take.

I can also plug it into my laptop while traveling and the mapping software tells me exactly where I am and how far to the next turn (waypoint) I have established.

I love knowing how fast I am moving. One very useful feature. If I am pointing one way and the track on the GPS is going another way I know what the wind and current are doing to me. On a swimmer support paddle across the Hudson it told me that my swimmer was loosing ground against the current when we were too far from shore to accurately judge. I had her hang on and paddled as hard as I could and quickly realized from the GPS that I could not make headway against the current with her drag. I told her and she opted for a motorized ride to shore. Having objective data was good for both of us.

Long and short, I like it. Do take extra bateries.

One caution, keep them tethered, they may not float.

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