Posted by jeff wong on Nov 27, 2005

I have a Garmin Foretrex 101, which I mounted onto some minicel foam along with an ACR light/strobe and a Polar Heart Rate Monitor. I have had to send the GPS back once for an overhaul due to serious malfunction. I wonder if perhaps I should wrap my GPS with saran wrap to minimize water exposure. I don't know what caused the malfunction.

I strap the GPS and HRM on using their wristbands and everything goes under a deck bungee. The flashlight has a minicel flange around it so that when I activate the strobe, I get no direct flash. I have a flashing Pelican strobe on the back of my PFD, too. I don't know if the Coast Guard would cite me for using a flashing strobe for just cruising the river, but they don't patrol the Chehalis River & the few boaters out there do notice me when I paddle at night.

In Response to: GPS by David Bixby on Nov 26, 2005



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