Posted by David Bixby on Nov 26, 2005

I have a cheap etrex that has not as yet let me down. I always have it on and at hand while sailing my Skerry. It has helped me to learn to sail the boat efficiently. It helps me make decisions about where I might want to sail to and how long it will take to get there under a given set of conditions.

When sailing on Roanoke Sound in North Carolina last year, I programed in landmarks, buoys, hazards, and shoals from the NOAA chart. This made navigation easy without having to spread out a chart in the small confines of the boat.

Orignally, I mounted a compass in an easy to read location in the boat, but I seldom refered to it. This year I removed the compass and mounted the GPS so It wouldn't be knocking about in the boat.

The more I sail on our local lakes, the more I build up a data base of significant waypoints that serve as a convienient electronic chart.

Interestingly my father bought an etrex recently and he is unable to use it in the more urban environment near Chicago because of reflections of the signal off buildings. I have never had trouble with mine in Montana. The school where I work has 6 Etrex Legends which the students have used for several years with great success.

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