Re: Deck Rigging Screw Ho

Posted by Howard on Nov 23, 2005

I'm with Lee and Steve on this one.

Unless you have a way to tap the threads, it is pretty difficult to drive a woodscrew into a cured epoxy plug period..cured epoxy simply does not allow wood screw threads to easily cut into it (try driving a woodscrew into an epoxy hocky puck if you want to see what i mean).

In referring to the west systems fibreglass repair manual, drill-fill-drill technique involving wood screws. It recommends the following: drill out a hole 2 to 3 times the diameter of the hole including thread. fill the large hole with epoxy. once the epoxy is set, drill into the epoxy a hole the size of the screw with the threads such that the wood screw could fit in the hole with MINIMAL holding power. place more epoxy into the hole and re-insert the screw. if one desires the screw to be removable, it should be coated with a release agent prior to the final step. this is the recommended procedure with wood screws becuase they recognize you can't really drive a woodscrew into a solid block of epoxy.

the easier compromize is the approach the LeeG and Steve recommends.

The approach shown in the CLC manual matches the drill-fill-drill technique of a through-bolt fitting in the west system manual, not that of screw-in fasteners.

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