Re: Shearwater 17 payload

Posted by ghostship on Nov 23, 2005

Thanks for the info guys.

I demo'd the Arctic Hawk and its deck height is only about 1 inch too small for my feet unless I go barefoot. So I figured the little extra room of the Shearwater would be perfect, although I haven't seen one in person. I've only used a Pygmy Coho for my extended trips, and my load weighed less than 100lbs. I'm planning some multi-week trips for next year, and wanted to be able to handle larger loads if needed without negatively effecting the handling on the great lakes (especially Superior).

I'm thinking I'll stick with my first choice, the Artic Hawk, and just work around the deck height issue. Winter will be long enough here that I'll have the time to finish two boats anyway :)

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