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Posted by CLC on Nov 23, 2005

>>>>>>>>>>>>Somehow drill-fill-drill got mistakenly associated with the installation of wood screws and deck rigging.


I disagree. Drill-fill-drill is an excellent application for deck rigging. It DOES take a fair amount of time, and the first hole---the one filled with epoxy---DOES have to be pretty big. 1/4-inch. Otherwise, it's terribly easy for the woodscrew to wander off to one side and pierce the epoxy envelope, letting moisture into the wood.

The drill-fill-drill routine is de rigeur in professional boatshops the world over, for woodscrews in deck-rigging-like applications, and of course for things like footbrace screws.

Drill-fill-drill isn't a requirement for fasteners on our boats. A minority of the boats in our showroom use that treatment; most just have a dab of clear silicone caulk in the hole. And there aren't any moisture stains on those boats. But all things being equal, drill-fill-drill is a shipshape and extremely long-lasting solution to keep moisture out of fastener holes.

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