Howard's right

Posted by Mark Camp on Nov 23, 2005

Howard is right about the outer chine radius, if the 'v' is not filled. It is quite big. So, follow the instructions for your particular boat, I guess.

For my boat, I was initially concerned by how big the radius has to be, especially since in the Sharpie drawings/instructions it isn't 100% certain they are really calling for unfilled 'v'/big outside radius. (In fact, one detail view shows a small 'v' and small outside radius.)

So I just took a guess, and went with the unfilled 'v' and big outside radius.

The resulting wide band of exposed plies looks pretty to me and I am happy.

I am guessing the glass-sandwiched inside fillet was intended to provide plenty of toughness and strength by itself, since all the plywood at the joint has to be sanded away. If I was wrong, please paddle out and get us. Bring a spare kayak. Preferably one built with filled 'v's and small outside radii.

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