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Posted by Kyle T on Nov 23, 2005

I have installed rudders on a couple of race tandems that have no hatches or access holes.

I drilled the holes in the rear deck and the back bulkhead. I then used a stiff piece of wire (one that would not bend) and taped a long piece of stout builders string to the end of it. I pushed the wire with the string attached through the hole in the bulkhead all the way to the back of the compartment. Using a flashlight and looking down through the other hole in the stern I fished for the string with another piece of wire with a hook in the end. It was actually easy to hook the strings and pull them up through the deck.

I then removed the stiff wire from the compartment leaving a piece of string going from one hole to the other. I pulled enough string through the back that I could feed it all the way through the cable cover and tie it off. So at that point I had a stout string going from the cockpit through the bulkhead into the rear compartment then out the rear deck and through the cable jacket which was laying behind the boat and finally tied off to a washer that wouldn’t pull through the jacket.

By pulling on the string in the cockpit it pulled the jacket through the rear hole, the compartment and finally the hole in the bulkhead. I cut the jackets off at the appropriate lengths and sealed the holes with silicone glue to finish.

I hope this helps, --KT--

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