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Posted by CLC on Nov 22, 2005

The thing to watch with mixing cups is whether there are indentations or crevices in the cup that can hold resin or hardener and prevent a complete mix.

Some plastic drinking cups have a groove at the bottom that can conceal a lot of unmixed resin or hardener.

Likewise, if you use old mixing cups, make sure that the interior surface is smooth.

Yes, I like to re-use mixing cups. Dingdang things are expensive. But I only reuse the ones where the last batch settled and cured on the bottom in a uniform "hockey puck" with a smooth top that doesn't interfere with mixing, or loose flaky bits to ruin my 'glass job.

In days of yore, when epoxy "blushed," re-using containers was a big no-no. The newer blends cure without a lot of contaminates coming out of the solution to sully your mixing cups.

I indulge in the fancy gradated mixing cups a lot of the time, but for classes we use ordinary plastic drinking cups. "Kegger cups," in fact.

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