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Posted by George K on Nov 22, 2005


If you let the epoxy cure in most poly type containers and you want to re-use it the epoxy will pop right out if you flex the sides. I do this occasionally but there's nothing like buying the big bag of clear disposable plastic cups! My general rule of thumb is if the epoxy to be mixed is for a filler coat on the outside of the boat, where it's going to be seen by the masses, why be cheap and re-use something that might have a piece of crap in it that'll be forever imbedded in the finish.

And by all means make the mixing stick for your drill. I use a 1/4" dowel about 10" long with 6 drywall nails epoxied into it. Overkill? You bet. Ever mixed a bad batch? Nope.

I love my WR 18, by the way!

George K

In Response to: Info on epoxy by Tim Halbert on Nov 21, 2005


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