Posted by CLC on Nov 22, 2005

>>>>>>>>>>>>Why in the Pax photo gallery the kayak at the begining of the description looks different to the kayak at the end of the description? is it an illusion or they are different?


Those are actually the same boat! The only difference is that the VCP hatch and the skeg are not yet installed in the top photo. They were added later and are standard in the kit.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Also, I'm thinking on installing a rudder, would you recommend not to install the keg then? What do you think of the rudder VS the Keg?


A lot of Pax 20 builders have put on rudders, in which case you certainly wouldn't need the skeg. (You only need the skeg in surfing conditions, anyway.) There'll be a speed penalty with a traditional kayak rudder. I have photos from a dozen Pax 20 builders who installed an Olympic K-1 style rudder at about the location of the retractable skeg. This is a smaller rudder and mounted beneath the hull; more of a trim tab than a rudder, really. There's less drag, but you can never beach the boat!

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