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Posted by Howard on Nov 21, 2005

on clamps: the spring clamps are good for everything, except in my oppinion, the coaming. they simply are not able to apply the pressure required to get the parts acceptably close. i think you can get by with 6 to 10 two and a half or three inchers...they will be used mostly on the front half of the coaming where the most severe bending occurs. once they are in place, the spring clamps can hold the rest of the coaming down.

on epoxy mixing: mike's got it in my view. i use cheap plastic mixing cups. i buy a 50 pack of the big cups ~ 12 oz (for big batches like fillets) and a 100 pack of the small ones ~ 9 oz. for the small batches. that should give you plenty of left overs. it will set you back like four why have the hassle of trying to re-use containers.

on a related note, the biggest time saver and quality improver in my view is making an electric mixer with a power drill. buy a pack of chopsticks, cut them in half, drill two 1/8 holes toward the end and put 3/4 to 1" drywall screws opposed in the holes. clamp it into a power drill....instant mixer.

trust me, it will give you tremendous piece of mind in knowing that your epoxy is thoroughly mixed and save a lot of effort.

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