if I'm working hot

Posted by Charlie Jones on Nov 21, 2005

By that I mean mixing batch after batch, such as when glassing, I reuse the same container about 3 times, maybe 4, depending on how quickly I'm emptying it. Then get a fresh one and let the first sit and cure out. Once the epoxy has cured there is no problem reusing the container.

Empty tin cans work well too, but you can't pop the cured epoxy out like you can with plastic tubs. Just DON'T get or used waxed or styrofoam containers. The waxed ones could contaminate the epoxy and the foam once could melt if a batch gets hot.

And be aware- a hot batch CAN cause a fire!! A friend of mine lost a Seaward 25 due to epoxy heating up in a container, starting a paper towel ablaze- result- totaled boat. Don't leave a partial container where it is close to flammable materials as it cures.

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