Re: Info on epoxy

Posted by Mac on Nov 21, 2005

While you wait to build the coaming, keep an eye out for 2 1/2" or 3" C clamp sales. I would suggest a half dozen, mixed in with a dozem spring clamps, blended briskly with a bunch of 3" PCV clamps (see CLC's Shop Tips) should do ya. (You need a lot of clamps initially for attaching the sheers - spring and PVC should do). Later on, when doing the coaming, it'll be nice to have the control of strategicaly placed C clamps, followed by the rest.

As for containers, as long as the previous epoxy has cured for 24 hours, the old containers will do fine. If you get a chance to watch John Harris in the Zen tape, you'll see one of the grottiest mixing containers ever. And he's The Man. (Ya'd think they could afford to give the guy new containers for each shot - I mean...)

Have fun ... I know you will


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