Info on epoxy

Posted by Tim Halbert on Nov 21, 2005

Hi there. I am preparing myself to start a build on a WR18 kit this winter. I have many questions, and this forum has answered many of them. Alot of great ideas/tips from the vets!

My question of the moment is this, When mixing up batches of epoxy, do you have to use a fresh clean container for each batch to avoid contaminating the new mix with partially cured resin? I am trying to gage how many mixing containers I will need to collect. I am using quart size poly deli containers. (might be getting too fat to even fit in the boat when it is done! :})

Another question I have is, clamps. I plan to use 6" spring clamps for the most part in the project. I got a boat load of em from the local dollar store. Would I be ok to use those same clamps in building up and clamping the cockpit coming? I might think that if I go in layers, rather than gluing up the whole assembly as shown in the CLC video, I will not need to use C-clamps which are quite a bit more expensive, by the by. Well, for the moment that is it. I know I will have many more issues arise throughout this first build. Hope to hear some good feed back.

Peace out..............



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