Learning my lesson

Posted by Chris F on Nov 21, 2005

The other week I was in a hurry to get out of town. I grabbed what I needed from the garage and took off. Yup. I left the door open. For a three day weekend (Veteran's day). Well I was darn lucky the boat or anything else didnt' go missing. Besides the boat there is little of value. I keep all of the desirable smash and grab stuff, like drills and saws, inside.

A few days later I was back at work on my latest project (a wine rack for the wife) and I noticed bird droppings on it. Well, that will learn me to keep the door closed. Something made me turn around and look at my boat. I looked down. Instantly I knew what else had happened. There was a water mark on my seat and liquid in the cockpit. Cat pee. I sniffed. Yup. Ahhh!!! I cleaned it up the best I could (I have an indoor cat and I am quite the cat pee guru). A neighbors cat must have followed the bird in or just come in exploring on its own. I took the boat out this weekend and it isn't over powering, but it is there. Needless to say the seat will be replaced over the winter.

Now the fun part. I like the tractor seat, but since I have the opportunity I would like to survey the crowd and see what y'all are using and how you like it. I know many people carve there own and love it. I may go that route. Any thoughts on the happy bottom? I need to replace the hip pads too, so no problems there.

Anyway. Remember to close the shop before you leave.




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