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Posted by mick allen on Nov 21, 2005

Thats the best way in a nutshell.

i put in quite a few forms and then stapled the spile panels in place while marking out and then after making, stapled the real panels in place while stitching. Rounded off the panel edges a bit and then outside glued w/ a syringe needle dragging along the tiny gap (even works ok under the stitch. touch up and remove staples while still on form and then glass outside.

then remove from forms and do inside.

if you use a lot of forms, just spile to the forms. if you have only a few forms, you probably have to inset battens/stringers into the few forms in order to know what to spile to.

if your shape is very regular, like nearly all s&g yaks: instead of spiling, strongly consider using 2 separate battens that you simply staple on top of each panel form batten and then just staple 10 or so scrap pces in diagonals across the separate ones and pull off - trace and move to the next.

simple, fast, perfect and absolutely no measuring.


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