Another proven technique

Posted by Karl on Nov 17, 2005

Have a friend help with this method. Buy a reasonably large tarp. Lay it across the ground. Now lay on it diagonally at the corner. Grasp the corner in your hand and roll to the opposite corner. Have your assitant close the top and bottom with duct tape and bungee cords, making certain to create an airtight seal. Give us your address so that we can pick up the boat in a day or so and store it in a more appropriate location, like one of our houses.

Disclaimer: the above storage method is for humorous purposes only. These instructions are not to to be taken literally by someone who obviously has no sense of humor.

I for one appreciate all of the advice, assistance and general cameraderie I've gotten from this forum, and enjoyed meeting the few people that I have so far. I look forward to meeting more.

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