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Posted by Moe on Nov 11, 2005

though no concret information to offer i can tell you as a carpenter in training (not the english kind) and son of a Detail carpenter that the main issue is not temprature but vearing temrature. this aplies in particular to the + - (C) border. You should avoid sun as it will only hit parts of the strukture, NB snow reflection. You should avoid localised heat in al forms, NB Ventilasjon shafts. You should attempt to keep the humidety at a stable and exeptebal measure, NB be carefull of the suns avaperation abileties and be avare of the ground thawing. If you wrap you're kajakk thight in plastic be carefull to air it from time to time epesially after fog. NO ABRUBT CHANGES don't suddenly deside to take it indoors. if you have to move it from outdoors to a cold garage. then to some cold seller or attick A.S.O.

God luck

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