Re: how cold???

Posted by Mac on Nov 10, 2005

Tony sez "only real hard men"

Damn right we're hard! Bloody frozen stiff!

Actually, it isn't always -40, but it gets there often enough to test man and machine a few mornings each year. The real problem in Prez's case is that some days it gets well above freezing and things melt or get rained upon, then we dive into another deep freeze. It's the thaw and freeze cycle that causes all the damage.

Rob Pruden out in Edmonton gets even colder than I do in Montreal, and I hope he weighs in on this.

And if someone tells you, "Oh, it's not that bad, it's a dry cold." They're fulla crap!

Grumble, mutter...

In Response to: Re: how cold??? by Tony Calvert on Nov 10, 2005



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