Re: Wet Sanding Varnish

Posted by Steve Miller on Nov 10, 2005

Use lots of water. Listen to the sound the sanding makes and how it feels. New varnish sands very easily so go easy and slow until you get the hang of it. 400 is as coarse as you need to go. I like a gentle scrub every other coat with a 3M pad (ultra fine grade) to just take the gloss and dust bunnies off. So I wet sand only on every other coat. The idea is to build varnish thickness faster. Don't lock yourself into 5 coats. You can always do a 6th if the 5th is not good enough but as George says by the time you have done 5 coats you should be doing pretty well!

In Response to: Re: Wet Sanding Varnish by George K on Nov 10, 2005



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