re. deck installation

Posted by LeeG on Nov 7, 2005

goop shouldn't run down if you don't put too much on,,besides anything that's thin enough to run won't fill any gaps(between aft bulkhead and deckbeam) when the deck is layed on wet goop and moved a little. What I did was wipe down sheerclamp with unthickened epoxy to soak the dry wood, wiped off excess, then came back with thick mayonaise consistancy epoxy over the sheerclamps. Nothing dripped and any excess left a round bead like edge. The reason for doing that is that it's mighty easy for a dry portion of sheerclamp to be discovered by water when the hull is laying on it's side. I wouldn't turn over the hull because anything that's not cleaned out,,dust and shavings will become stuck on any wet surface.

In Response to: WR18 aft deck radius by Mike D on Nov 5, 2005



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