Re: WR18 aft deck radius

Posted by George K on Nov 7, 2005


I also recessed my rear hatch on my WR18. After putting the flange and lip under the hatch cut out check the radius of the deck. It'll change a bit. You can use the aft radius template supplied with the kit to check and then shape it, if necessary, to the new radius. Then shape the hatch stiffeners supplied with the kit to that radius and glue 'em on. I only used two of them (left out the middle one) and notched them to take my under deck bungie hold-downs. I'll send pics if you'd like.

And about that Rube Goldgerg garbage bag thing: After you glue on the deck simply turn the boat over and there won't be any schmooze falling in your boat. But you probably figured that out by now, huh?

George K

In Response to: WR18 aft deck radius by Mike D on Nov 5, 2005



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